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build 320 - new UI and some rule tweaks

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:03 pm
by ron
hey y'all,

the big thing in this update is a complete re-write of all the placeholder out-of-game UI. if you find bugs or run into anything confusing, please let us know either from within the game ("email us" tab) or via the forums.

we also tweaked a few game rules, mainly around what happens when a player resigns or is eliminated:
- Specialists of eliminated/resigned players aren't removed from the game after 24 hours
- Resigned/eliminated players' outposts keep producing drillers and charging shields
- Not resetting production timers on outposts when taking them over
- Fixed bug where released captives sometimes wouldn't go to closest outpost
- Player only loses 20% if another player takes over their mine, but not if the mine is destroyed

NOTE: if you see a red warning about push notifications, log out and log back in.