using the sub-skipping bug is illegal

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  • to clarify: using the sub-skipping bug intentionally to your advantage is against the code of conduct. if you see someone doing this, report them from within the game, and i will investigate and resign them from the game if i conclude that it was an intentional exploit.

    to clarify, INTENTIONAL use is the only one we will resign players for. in the vast majority of cases a launch only makes sense as an intentional exploit of the bug, or as a launch with honest intent.
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  • Any chances we could get a patch for this bug?
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  • Can you fix the game so it works on T-Mobile’s network?
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  • can we get a detailed explanation of the action in question so that we know how to avoid it or prepare in a manner that doesn't allow our target to exploit it ( be it with/without our knowledge )
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