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  • Hello everybody,

    Well, as we gear up for our official launch on October 15th, Subterfuge is now in Open Beta.

    We're going to have lots of new players joining in the next few days (and hopefully after launch, too!). Please take the time to make them feel welcome and show them the ropes. We want to foster a positive, respectful community that continues on through launch.

    At the same time, we know it's not always fun playing games with n00bs, so there are several options available to you:

    * Create rated games and put a minimum rating > 1200 (that's the default rating for new players)

    * Play in private games and invite your friends

    * Name your game something that implies it's for experienced players only (people tend to respect that, and if they don't, the creator can boot any player before the game starts)

    Once we officially release on October 15th, your account will no longer have L2 Security Clearance (back to L1).

    We hope you like the game enough to buy the L2 Security Clearance. We would love to keep working on this game and we have a long list of features and play modes we'd like to add. How much time we can invest in further developing this game will be greatly determined by whether it generates enough money for us to sustain us.

    Thank you for support, and see you in the game!
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