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Level 2 Security Clearance from beta testing

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:09 am
by Noel
We're now done with the beta testing period for Subterfuge, so we have reverted the Level 2 Security Clearance beta testers got for free back to Level 1.

We really appreciate your help making Subterfuge a better game, and hopefully you also enjoyed it along the way. We hope some of you will like it enough to purchase the Level 2 Clearance now. To do that, just try to do any of the things you get with Level 2 (marked with a pad lock) and you'll be prompted if you want to buy the upgrade. In either case, we hope you continue playing Subterfuge.

As a reminder, these are the things you get with Level 2 Security Clearance:
* Unlimited scheduled orders
* Create private games
* Play in rated games
* Play multiple games simultaneously
* Keep notes about other players

Thanks again everybody. See you in the game!