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Build 303 - Buying Extra Hires

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:04 am
by ron
Hey everyone,

The big change in this one is the ability to buy an extra hire. The cost is 20 Kilos of Neptunium, and you can do this from the Specialists panel, at the bottom, if you have at least 20 Np.

The idea behind this is to (a) allow players who got into the lead and attracted too much unwanted attention to take the bullseye off their forehead, and (b) to give players that are being ganged up on a bit of an edge.

Other changes you should know about:
- king combat bonus upped to 25%
- bug fix: rescued queen now properly becomes princess
- bug fix: tinkerer takes all max shield modifiers into account

PS: we're trying out a new icon to see how we like it. any opinions?