Recurring orders idea

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Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:54 pm

  • There are times that come up in the game where I want to send everything I have at an outpost, as soon as it's produced. So I launch > open outpost > jump to production > launch > open outpost > jump to production, etc. Usually at 6 or 7 factories.

    Instead of queuing up 3 dozen orders, maybe there could be a button/checkmark that shows up in the window when you schedule to launch a sub. The button would be an option to always send all drillers present, as long as the order is active. That way, anything that arrives, or is produced at an outpost, goes where I want it to automatically.

    That order could live at the top of the time machine and be cancelled there, or by double tapping the dotted line route.

    I'm not sure what the button would say that's short enough (maybe recurring? not sure that's clear enough).
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