Are Cheaters Still Getting Banned?

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Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:55 pm

  • tl;dr: A player named abyss1 has done several shady things, from sending falsified screenshots, to gifting everything he has to one player ten days in, to now apparently hacking two other player's accounts and playing one fully now. Is it worth collecting evidence of this to send to the contact@subterfuge or should I not waste my time?

    In my current game, a player named abyss1 has been ruining the game. First off, as soon as I attacked him, he edited screenshots and sent them to other players to turn them against me, and make it look like I was talking all sorts of crap that I had never sent. This backfired when I made a group chat with every player but him and it was obvious that, no, I wouldn't backstab literally every player in the game at once. But I didn't see anything in the Code of Conduct about prohibiting out-of-app communication, so I ignored that.

    Then, after my alliance of underdogs overthrew him and one of his allies had been eliminated, he started gifting everything he had to the other ally and then launching his queen in what he assumed was friendly territory. It's been about a ten day game at this point, so one player having that huge advantage is making him very difficult. I was going to report this at the end of the game.

    A while later of this, abyss1 has everything he owns going to this one player, and only has his queen left. I threatened abyss1, saying that I'd eliminate his queen if he gifted one more thing to that player, which he did with an order while offline. He begged for his life once on, which I ignored while working. A half hour later of no response, my best ally gifts his entire stockpiled army to the surviving abyss1 ally, attacks the closest mine of our mutual ally, and drops his shields at every outpost close to the abyss1 ally. At the same time, the abyss1 ally starts talking completely different in chat or trying too hard to sound like the original, and launching single subs at every outpost that my ally has unshielded. The abyss1 ally comes on eventually sounding like the original, who had made a huge fuss about a dying player giving three specialists, much less a whole game's worth. He said he'll just timeout to make it fair. But, now that player is coming on frequently and making aggressive moves, while also trolling the public chat and the hacked player on our team.

    If I send screenshots, will anything happen?
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  • For your viewing pleasure, these are screenshots from the player who's account was compromised. I think it's pretty obvious that abyss1 and Perdurabo are the same player, and that they are the ones who hacked Chironex's account.
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  • William munny just got banned in a game my Dad was in (using vulgar language, and threatening other players). So while I cant comment on if they were cheating but toxic players definitely still are.
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