Player is bullying me, what do I do?

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Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:00 am

  • Ok, so this player: Alethia, thinks I'm cheating. I'm coming 1st by quite a lot because near the start I took over a player completely with the help of another player, and he is now funding me specs in return for safety. Alethia thinks that it is some premade alliance between me and the player sending me specs (it is his 2nd game so that's not even realistic), and that is how I got so far ahead. He keeps hammering me with this and I can't get him to stop. He is also apparently telling everyone not to trust me and that I'm a cheater. First he thought it was my double account but has gotten over that I think. I honestly don't know what to do! It's like talking to a brick wall. He just won't stop, and another player has given me a "u made me angry" medal for it. I just don't want people to target me from the start of new games because they have heard his lies. Please help and thanks for your time.
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  • I probably wouldn't worry too much about it. I suspect everyone of lying and cheatings and I don't even look at their medals :).
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