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Pirate targeting needs fixing

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:59 pm
by 4skin_comander
Pirate targeting needs to be fixed and here's why.
There are 3 outposts for this example that happened to me, let's call them A, B and C, both A and B are mine and C is from an enemy. A and B are mines so they're important to me. C is closer to B than A but my queen is in A. I hired a pirate and a martyr so that when C send his troops(more than B has) I could intercept them. How ever, while planing a sub I can't lock the attack on a sub because a normal sub wouldn't be able to even though my pirate WOULD get there on time, and now my well thought out plan doesn't work because of this and I'm going to loose. The thing is I saw a YouTube video where someone had the same layout (kind of) and he managed to attack but he doesn't show how he managed to do it.please fix this bug, it defeats the purpose of it having a 2x speed in many cases that I could think of.