Private game starting issues

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Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:18 am

  • Two items. First one may be human error but I don't think so:

    1. I accidentally created a public game and then created a private game. I then cancelled the public game and the link to my private game seemed to stop working for some of the people I sent it to, giving them an error saying the game was cancelled even though others were able to access the game with the link. Then it looks like the game became public (though I admit there is a small chance that I cancelled the wrong game, but I was pretty certain I deleted the correct one at the time).

    2. Two randos joined what was supposed to be a private game so I resigned to start a new one with my friends. However I keep getting notifications about the old game I resigned from and friends who haven't paid for L2 and resigned from the first game are getting a message saying they can't play more than one game at once.
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